Our history

The Journey of The Waffle House begins in 2016 with a vision to make rapid and captivating food stations in India which serves the superlative Waffle products and beverages to spin your mood upside down.

Owned and operated by B.K Hideaway , The waffle house.in was an idea born out of passion and with a mission to spread taste and delight

Founded in 2017, the company strives to constantly innovate while staying true to its values of excellence, simplicity and affordability. Waffle as a concept attracted us. We saw tremendous potential to bring the product to India in a big way, customized in an easy to eat and affordable format. This led to the birth of The waffle house.In

Our waffles are freshly baked, hot and crispy!6

what we serve?

Waffles & love

we serve waffles prepared by our wafflers with love and a smile. You can never be sad if you eat our waffles.

Shakes & Beverages

From mojitos to milk shakes, we serve them all. our brain freezers will keep your temperature low even on a blistering day.

our forte

- Crispiness -

We consistently deliver freshly baked, delicious, crispy yet soft waffle with an alluring aroma and fresh syrups trapped inside which gives it a perfect taste!

- Eggless Batter -

our eggless batter makes the same crispy and delicious waffles which can meet the needs of the vegetarian tribes

The Waffle House In

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BK Hideway LLP,
Z block, naraina industrial area,
new delhi – 110028

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